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Text Link

TextLink wraps a Text component with a Pressable component that can be used to trigger an action or event, such as submitting a form, opening a dialog, canceling an action, or performing a delete operation. By default, it renders the Pressable component.


import { TextLink } from "pearl-ui";


<TextLink>I'm a pressable text</TextLink>

TextLink sizes#

Use the size prop to change the size of the text link. You can set the value to the keys available in PearlTheme.components.TextLink["sizes"], which are "xs", "s", "m", and "l" in the default theme.

<TextLink size="xs">Tiny Pressable Text</TextLink>
<TextLink size="s">Small Pressable Text</TextLink>
<TextLink size="m">Regular Pressable Text</TextLink>
<TextLink size="l">Large Pressable Text</TextLink>

TextLink color scheme#

Use the colorScheme prop to change the color palette of the text link. This is much more powerful than simply passing a backgroundColor style prop as the colorScheme prop changes all the use color values in a palette through a single prop.

You can set the value only to the keys available in PearlTheme.palette that contain a palette of colors represented as an object, which are "primary", "secondary", "neutral", etc in the default Pearl theme.

<TextLink colorScheme="primary">Primary Pressable Text</TextLink>
<TextLink colorScheme="secondary">Secondary Pressable Text</TextLink>

Override Style#

The TextLink component also supports a variety of style props which can be used to override the pre-defined variant style in the theme. Manual style props passed into the component have a higher precedance than the default component config.

// passing style prop m="xl" overrides the default component config value<TextLink m="xl" />



  • TextLink has the role of button.
  • TextLink has the default accessibility label set as text value passed into it. A custom label can be specified using the accessibilityLabel prop.
  • When TextLink is disabled or loading, it is reflected as disabled and busy respectively in screen readers.
  • Similar to Pressable, TextLink expects an actionDescription prop to specify the intented outcome of interacting with the component eg. 'Closes modal', 'Go to the homepage', etc.


Supported style props#

Since the TextLink component composes the Pressable component, you can pass all Pressable related props to it, in addition to the following.

Additional props#

sizefalsePearlTheme.components.TextLink["sizes"]"m"Size of the text link.
variantfalsePearlTheme.components.TextLink["variants"]Variant of the text link.
colorSchemefalsePearlTheme["palette"]"primary"Active color palette of the text link.

Default component Config#

export default {  parts: ["root", "text"],  baseStyle: {    root: {      activeOpacity: 0.9,    },    text: {      color: "primary.500",    },  },  sizes: {    xs: {      root: {},      text: {        variant: "btn4",      },    },    s: {      root: {},      text: {        variant: "btn3",      },    },    m: {      root: {},      text: {        variant: "btn2",      },    },    l: {      root: {},      text: {        variant: "btn1",      },    },  },  defaults: {    size: "m",  },};