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Pearl UI supports responsive styles out of the box! Any style props can optionally accept a value for each screen size, as defined by the breakpoints configuration in the theme.

To add make a style responsive, you can use the following object syntax:

propName={{ breakpoint: propValue }}

Adding responsivity to custom props#

In addition to the included style props, you can easily add responsivity to any custom props you want using the useResponsiveProp hook.



const Header = (props) => {  const heading = useResponsiveProp({    phone: "I am a phone",    tablet: "I am a tablet",  });
  return (    <Text      mb="m"      variant="h2"      alignSelf={{ phone: "center", tablet: "flex-start" }}    >      {heading}    </Text>  );};
const App = () => {  return (    <ThemeProvider>      <Screen>        <Header />        <Box flexDirection={{ phone: "column", tablet: "row" }}>          <Center            backgroundColor="cornflowerblue"            p="4xl"            flex={1}            borderRadius="l"          >            <Text color="neutral.50" variant={{ phone: "p2", tablet: "st1" }}>              Item 1            </Text>          </Center>          <Center            backgroundColor="coral"            p="4xl"            flex={1}            borderRadius="l"            marginVertical={{ phone: "l", tablet: null }}            marginHorizontal={{ phone: null, tablet: "l" }}          >            <Text color="neutral.50" variant={{ phone: "p2", tablet: "st1" }}>              Item 2            </Text>          </Center>          <Center backgroundColor="deeppink" p="4xl" flex={1} borderRadius="l">            <Text color="neutral.50" variant={{ phone: "p2", tablet: "st1" }}>              Item 3            </Text>          </Center>        </Box>      </Screen>    </ThemeProvider>  );};