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Build consistent cross-platform mobile apps at lightning speed

Pearl UI is a user-friendly UI library for React Native, offering ready-to-use components, framer-motion-like animations, dark mode, and responsive design. With its design-first approach and intuitive styling system, Pearl UI greatly enhances developer efficiency, simplifying and accelerating app development.

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Pearl UI - Design system driven UI framework for React Native | Product Hunt


Customize every component to fit your design needs. The entire theme can be controlled via a single config file.


All components follow the official Android and Apple accessibility guidelines, while providing support for screen readers.

Dark Mode

Out of the box support for multiple color modes. Let it be light, dark, or based on users' system preferences.


Built-in animations to enhance your UI. Smooth and responsive animations are readily available for a dynamic user experience.

Developer Experience

Boost your productivity during development with the help of style props and modular components


Follows the Atomic Design methodology to provide you with modular components that can be used to build complex interfaces.

Check out Pearl UI in action!

Simply scan the QR code using the Expo app on your device or click here to view a live demo showcasing the ready-to-use components and intuitive animations that Pearl UI offers.