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The usePressedState hook is a powerful utility in Pearl UI that not only manages a pressed state but also transforms the _pressed props into appropriate styles. This hook is instrumental in creating dynamic, responsive components that react to press events with custom styles.


import { usePressedState } from "pearl-ui";

Return value#

The usePressedState hook returns an object with three properties:

  • pressed: A boolean representing the current pressed state. This is a local state which is useful in case the parentStateValue is not provided.
  • setPressed: A function that can be used to set the pressed state. This function updates the local state.
  • propsWithPressedStyles: The props object of the component with updated styles according to the current 'pressed' state. This is achieved by using the useDynamicStateStyle hook internally, which manages a dynamic state and composes extra styling while a component is in a certain state.


Here's an example of how you can use usePressedState to manage a pressed state and compose extra styling while a button is pressed:

import { usePressedState } from "pearl-ui";import { useState } from "react";import { Button as RNButton } from "react-native";
const Button = ({ isPressed, ...props }) => {  // Use the hook to transform the props based on the pressed state  const { pressed, setPressed, propsWithPressedStyles } = usePressedState(    props,    allStyleFunctions,    "basic",    false,    isPressed  );
  // Render the button with the transformed props  return <RNButton {...propsWithPressedStyles} />;};
const App = () => {  // Use a state variable to manage the pressed state  const [isPressed, setIsPressed] = useState(false);
  // Render the Button and a toggle button to change the pressed state  return (    <div>      <Button        isPressed={isPressed}        // Specify the styling of the component when the isPressed value is true        _pressed={{ backgroundColor: "blue", color: "white" }}      />      <button onClick={() => setIsPressed(!isPressed)}>        Toggle Pressed State      </button>    </div>  );};

In the provided example, the usePressedState hook is utilized within a Button component. The purpose of this hook is to dynamically alter the button's background and text colors in response to changes in the isPressed prop. Specifically, when isPressed is set to true, the button's background color transitions to blue, and the text color changes to white.


propsYesobjectThe props of the component.
styleFunctionsNoArray of Style FunctionsboxStyleFunctionsThe style functions to use.
activeComponentTypeNo"basic" |"atom" |"molecule""basic"The active component type.
animateableNobooleantrueWhether the component is animateable.
parentStateValueNobooleanundefinedA override value to control the 'pressed' state instead of the local state value.