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The Switch component in Pearl UI is a versatile and customizable element used to gather user input in a binary choice field.


import { Switch } from "pearl-ui";


<Switch isChecked={false} onPress={(newValue) => console.log(newValue)} />

Switch sizes#

Use the size prop to change the size of the switch field. You can set the value to the keys available in PearlTheme.components.Switch["sizes"], which are "xs", "s", "m", and "l" in the default component configuration.

<Switch  size="xs"  isChecked={false}/>
<Switch  size="s"  isChecked={false}/>
<Switch  size="m"  isChecked={false}/>
<Switch  size="l"  isChecked={false}/>

Switch Color Schemes#

The colorScheme prop allows you to change the color palette of the switch field. The available color schemes are "primary", "secondary", "neutral", etc as defined in the default Pearl theme.

<Switch  colorScheme="primary"  isChecked={false}/>
<Switch  colorScheme="secondary"  isChecked={false}/>

Switch Checked State#

The Switch component supports a checked state, which is activated when the switch is turned on. You can customize the visual style of the switch field when it is checked using the _checked prop.

<Switch  _checked={{    bgColor: "cyan",    borderColor: "violet",  }}  isChecked={true}/>

Overriding Styles#

The Switch component supports a variety of style props which can be used to override the pre-defined variant style in the theme.

// The backgroundColor prop overrides the default component config value of backgroundColor="neutral.200"<Switch backgroundColor="green" isChecked={false} />



  • Switch has the role of switch.
  • When Switch is disabled or checked, it is reflected as disabled and checked respectively in screen readers.
  • Switch has the default accessibility label set as the label text passed into it. A custom label can be specified using the accessibilityLabel prop.

Component Properties#

Supported Style Properties#

The Switch component is a composition of the Pressable component, which means all Pressable props can be passed to it.

Additional Properties#

sizeNoPearlTheme.components.Switch["sizes"]"m"Determines the size of the switch.
variantNoPearlTheme.components.Switch["variants"]Determines the variant of the switch.
isCheckedNobooleanfalseWhether the switch is in a checked state.
isDisabledNobooleanfalseWhether the switch is disabled.
colorSchemeNoPearlTheme["palette"]"primary"Determines the active color palette of the switch.
_focusedNoobject{}Style properties that are applied when the component is in a focused state.
_disabledNoobject{}Style properties that are applied when the component is in a disabled state.